YouTube Haircut


Everyday I look in the mirror

My hair is short and boring

Maybe if I change my look

I can get some YouTube glory


Cuz if I had a YouTube Haircut

Like Anthony from Smosh

If I had a YouTube haircut

All the girls would be like “Omigosh!”


“I’m gonna like, and favourite and subscribe

Cuz your YouTube haircut drives me wild

Like a majestic eagle nest on top of your head”

Maybe I could get more twitter followers

If my head just featured bigger follicles

Time to say goodbye to my forehead

I need a YouTube Haircut


But it’s not about the hair

It’s about the music

Maybe I should just practice more

Nah, screw it!


Cuz if I had a YouTube Haircut

Like Dean from Jack and Dean

I could be the hair apparent

I could rule the YouTube scene


Wave your fringe in the air like you just don’t care

It ain’t worth a share if you ain’t got the hair

Haven’t you heard that sometimes more is more

I’ll grow my hair so big it’ll snap my neck

Gettin’ YouTube famous on the Internet

All I need’s a big-ass pompadour

I need a YouTube Haircut



Todd, you fool, it’s hopeless: can’t you see?

No matter what you do, you’ll never look as good as me!



Maybe Roomie’s right after all

Time to face the facts

No matter what, my hair

Will never look as good as that

So instead I’ll wear a hat (HATS ARE LOVELY!)

I gotta wear a hat (HATS ARE NEAT!

Raspberry berets are really ga-reat)

You can wear a sombrero, if you’re losing your hair, oh no,

I don’t need a YouTube Haircut