I am the Leperchaun, and I've been cursed with leprosy

When people see me on the street they stop and point at me

Cuz my appendages are covered in these bandages of green

And everywhere I see the sight of frightened children screaming

Always after me lucky charms, so magically delicious

Tastes sweet, but the side effects are rather vicious

Follow the rainbow to my pot of gold, just watch out for severed toes

You'll never get my four leaf clover: the game is up, your life is over!




I am the Leopdardchaun. Top o' the mornin to ya

Better stand down, cuz I got a warning for ya

Listen Leperchaun, you're about to be replaced

I'm Dr. Monster's masterpiece, you were just a mistake

Battling you shouldn't prove to be too hard

I mean look at you, you're already falling apart

I am the Leopardchaun and I will never change my spots

That's why I won't stop 'til I'm on top and I'm calling the shots



You think you scare me with your fake tough guy act?

Face it Leopardchaun, you're nothing but a pussy cat

You can't even imagine how sick and twisted I am

You're just a copycat, a wannabe, and a sham

Rock rhymes so sick I gave the mic a disease

Battle me and I'll defeat you with the greatest of ease

Now I'm sick of this charade, it's time to say goodbye

It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye