Cooper's Secret


I know you’ve probably heard the news but I still came here to say

That I, Anderson Cooper, must announce that I am...

a brony!

I always dodged the question

When everypony asked before

I wondered what the world would think

Would they say I was a horse lover

It filled my soul with dischord

To hide my brony ways

But would the media bash me

If they knew that I was gaining more and more respect for Rainbow Dash?


Silver fox! (Yes Peppy?) Do a barrell roll!

Wolf blitzer! Do a barrell roll!

Silver fox! (What do you want Pepppy?) Do a barrell rol!

Do a barrell roll, do-a-do-a barrell roll!


Equestria’s the best place

So come on and sing along

Whether you like Spike or Pinkie Pie

You gotta stay Tara Strong


Now I never dodge the question

Like I always did before

I don’t care what the world will think

If they say I am a horse lover

But I can’t hide it anymore

I’ll proudly say I’m gaining more and more respect for Rainbow Dash


I’m Anderson Cooper, and I am a brony (and I’m gay)