Personalized Leperchaun Song and Dr. Monster Indiegogo Update

Jul 27, 2015 by: Todd Bryanton

So…it finally happened. I finally caved in and joined Vine. It’s basically going to be a dumping ground for all my worst ideas, so if you’re morbidly curious, search for “LilDeuceDeuce” on Vine. I’ve already done all sorts of terrible things to cream corn and annoyed people in the ASMR community.

In Dr. Monster news, the first personalized Leperchaun song went live on my main channel this week! This was a backer request for my Dr. Monster Indiegogo. I had a lot of fun creating this and I’m looking forward to creating more: 

Personalized Leperchaun Song

I’m really excited and thankful for the support people have shown for the campaign. I just want to clarify that, even if the project does not meet it’s final goal, I will make sure to fulfill every perk reward. This is a flexible funding campaign, so I will use whatever funds we raise to make as many episodes as possible.

When I set my goal, I took into account the operational expenses associated with running the Indiegogo campaign itself: things like paying for merch, shipping, and platform fees imposed by Indiegogo. From the perspective of creating new episodes of Dr. Monster, however, the biggest expense is animation, followed by paying for singers and voice acting. Now, at over 30%, we’ve raised enough to put two episodes into production immediately, which is huge!

I will definitely work on creating all the songs for the album, regardless of whether I can afford to have them animated right away; if you order the digital album perk, you will receive the full album. Anyone who chooses the animation perk will have their likeness animated into one of the next two Dr. Monster episodes. And if you order a personalized Leperchaun song or a cover song, I will definitely be sure to create those songs. If you’re on the fence about donating to the project because you’re worried that it might not hit 100% of the goal, please know that every amount helps no matter how small, and that I will use your donations to make the best possible Dr. Monster episodes I can!


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Created: 08/29/15
Author Name: DIlly
Roses are blue Violets are red Plz call indiegogo to extend the campaign (for 2 months). You're not dead.